A Journal and a Poem for My Fur Babies Chummy & Charry

I came across this on my Facebook memories: the other night, I stumbled upon my journal from 2011 and a poem I had written a couple of years ago.

January 15, 2011

Today, I find myself reflecting on why I love my pets so much. They hold a special place in my heart, almost like humans in many ways. They have a unique way of greeting me and sometimes even hugging me, showering me with their unconditional love. It seems to be ingrained in our genes to have compassion for animals, and I personally view them as small children.

There’s something incredibly soothing about petting them, as it helps me relax and unwind. Through the care I provide them, I’ve learned valuable life lessons such as patience and a non-judgmental attitude. The truth is, I can’t imagine my life without pets at home. They bring me immense joy and happiness.

Let me introduce to you my two beloved cats, Chummy and Charry. Chummy, a stunning white male cat, knows just how handsome he is. His eyes captivate me with their two different colors—a mesmerizing blue in his right eye and a warm yellow in his left. Chummy has matured over time and has developed a fondness for sleeping with my stuffed toy, Potchy. Interestingly, he also loves water, which is why I give them both a shower every weekend.

On the other hand, Charry, my more masculine and occasionally annoying cat, constantly craves attention. If you’re not giving him the attention he desires, he will make sure to demand it from you. Sometimes, it means waking me up at 4 am, seeking solace under the covers. He’s a hefty cat, and his weight can almost take my breath away. He has a knack for rolling around on the floor and using his irresistible eyes to draw me in, provoking me to rub his tummy so he can continue rolling in joy. Unlike Chummy, Charry’s true passion lies in his love for food.

Interestingly, Charry seems to prefer my company a little more than Chummy does. He’s always by my side, whether I’m happy, sad, hungry, or bored. You’ll often find him comfortably perched on my lap. It’s delightful to cuddle with my charmingly annoying cat while sipping a cup of coffee and engaging in various activities. Charry not only motivates me to work, read, watch, and write more (not that I need motivation for the last two), but he also makes the entire process enjoyable.

Furthermore, when I’m required to get up from my seat for any reason, Charry seems reluctant to let me go. It’s as if he’s holding on to me, completely oblivious to my attempts to stand up. I’ve found myself occasionally running late for my duties because of them. Can you believe the reasons why? Taking photos of them, feeding them, giving them a kiss on their foreheads, and showering them with hugs and cuddles. These little moments are priceless to me.

I cherish my cats deeply because they make me feel valued and loved. We share precious moments together, and I can sense their affection for me. In life, I’ve come to realize that it’s not about material possessions. Although many have suggested that I sell them, I couldn’t fathom parting ways with them because I love them unconditionally. They are my fur babies, and I treat them as my own children.

Today has been another day filled with the joy and love that Chummy and Charry bring into my life. I’m grateful for their presence and the lessons they teach me about compassion and the beauty of unconditional love.


To our beloved and caring Mommy,

We couldn’t blame you for leaving us behind,
Knowing that you were the best cat mom we could find.
As kittens, you rescued us with love and care,
Treating us like your first babies, a precious pair.

Months before you bid us farewell with tears,
Every night we heard your cries of desperation and fears.
Mom, we know it broke your heart in two,
But please know, we understand more than you knew.

You were the greatest, bathing us twice a week,
Blowing our hair dry, like a playful hide-and-seek.
We were the cleanest cats, your friends would say,
Spoiled and celebrated on our special birthdays.

You never minded if we slept upon your bed,
Our bellies became your pillow as we lay our heads.
We sensed how much you missed us, please don’t be sad,
Find a new rescue kitten, it’ll make us glad.

Forgive us for the trouble we caused when small,
Tearing things to pieces, having squabbles in the hall.
But you were patient, showering us with kisses,
Your love and care were the greatest of riches.

We miss you dearly since the day you left our side,
Mommy, Charry and I love you, our hearts open wide.
Promise us you’ll take care of yourself, we plea,
So that one day, if we’re still here, you’ll come and see.

With all our love,
Your pearly white Chummy

(Writing this poem was incredibly difficult, as memories flooded back,
Especially when searching for our photos, it was an emotional attack 💔)

I entrusted my beloved pets, Chummy and Charry, to my friends in Dubai when I left in the year 2014. It took quite some time before I gazed upon their photos again. Recently, my family adopted two new kittens, Zeus and Athena, and I couldn’t help but notice how their behavior reminds me of my previous feline companions.

Zeus, our energetic little kitten, exhibits the same playful and mischievous nature that Charry had. He’s constantly zooming around the house, pouncing on toys, and entertaining us with his acrobatic antics. His vibrant personality is reminiscent of the joy and liveliness Charry brought into my life.

On the other hand, Athena, our new addition with a calm and serene demeanor, reminds me of my beloved Chummy. She has a laid-back approach to life, preferring to find a cozy spot for a long nap or simply observe the world around her with her wise, soulful eyes. Athena’s tranquil presence evokes the same sense of peace and contentment that Chummy always embodied.

Though I miss Chummy and Charry dearly, Zeus and Athena have quickly carved out a special place in my heart. They serve as both a reminder of the cherished memories I shared with my previous babies (yes, I would always call them my babies) and as a source of new joy and companionship in my life.

Our new kittens Zeus and Athena

My Pen and Soul

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