“Dear Father of Mine”

In the depths of my heart, dear father of mine,

Resides a love that’s eternal, forever in time.

Your strength, your courage, in the face of despair,

Has inspired my spirit, taught me how to care.

Though stroke has altered the path you once tread,

Robbing you of the joys you once knew and led,

You’ve never faltered, never lost your way,

Your unwavering faith shines brighter each day.

From afar, I send prayers, they soar high above,

Seeking solace and healing, wrapped in God’s love.

Each moment I yearn to be by your side,

To hold you close, as our hearts coincide.

You’ve planted seeds of wisdom within my soul,

Guiding me with love, helping me reach my goal.

In your absence, I’ve flourished, blossomed with pride,

For your belief in me, I’ll forever confide.

Words fail to capture the depth of my love,

The gratitude I hold, a gift from above.

For you, my dear father, my hero, my all,

I’ll stand by your side, whenever you call.

So, know that you’re cherished, beyond what I say,

With each passing moment, more love comes your way.

I eagerly await the day we’ll embrace,

And share the joyous tears, face to face.

You’ve sculpted my life with your gentle embrace,

I owe it all to you, in every single trace.

Thank you, dear father, for being my guide,

In your love and strength, forever I’ll abide.

Poem I dedicate to my father ,I love you Papa

Eureka Robey, Author of My Pen and Soul


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