Once a dreamy butterfly, I danced my cares away, A rainbow after rain brought joy to my every day. I watched the orchids bloom, amidst summer's golden haze, Blessings abound, even after the darkest yesterdays. Oh, how beautiful the world appears after the rain, A splendid solace to embrace, transcending all our pain. Now, I … Continue reading Butterfly


EurekaZachary A Love So Rare

Eureka and Zach, a pair so true,Their love like a flower, in bloom anew,Their hearts entwined like a trellis vine,Their souls forever intertwined. In each other's gaze, they find a spark,That ignites a flame, even in the dark,They dance together, as if in trance,Their love a beautiful romance. Eureka's eyes, like the brightest stars,Guiding Zach … Continue reading EurekaZachary A Love So Rare