Light in the Dark

"Light in the Dark" In the depths of darkness, where shadows reside,There's a spark that glimmers, a flicker inside.For even in the night's embrace, we shall embark,For there's always light in the dark. Like fireflies dancing with ethereal grace,They illuminate the path, a guiding embrace.Their tiny lanterns shimmer, oh, such a sight,A symphony of hope, … Continue reading Light in the Dark


Breathe and Find Peace

"Breathe and Find Peace" Breathe when you need to, dear soul of mine,Inhale the essence of life divine.When burdens weigh upon your fragile heart,Release the worries that tear you apart. Breathe, and feel the world upon your skin,The gentle touch of a zephyr's whim.Let every breath be a sacred dance,A rhythmic flow of second chance. … Continue reading Breathe and Find Peace

We Travel to Embrace Life

We Travel to Embrace Life In journeys grand, our spirits take flight,We travel not to escape life's delight.But to ensure life doesn't slip away,To seize each moment, come what may. Beyond the mundane, we yearn to explore,To chase horizons, seek what lies in store.With wanderlust coursing through our veins,We embrace the world, breaking free from … Continue reading We Travel to Embrace Life

Beneath the Smiles

"Beneath the Smiles" In depths of sorrow, where shadows reside,Lies the truest essence, silently implied.Beneath the smiles of those who seem content,A world of struggles, their hearts lament. For often, the happiest souls we perceive,Are the ones who bear burdens they won't leave.Within their hearts, storms silently brew,Yet they wear masks, shielding the truth from … Continue reading Beneath the Smiles

My Prayer

O God Almighty, I kneel before Thy grace, In humble reverence, I seek Thy embrace. I thank Thee for the ones I dearly love, For blessings showered from Heaven above. For this day's journey, I express my gratitude, For sheltering my family with a watchful attitude. Wherever we wandered, Thy protection prevailed, With grateful hearts, … Continue reading My Prayer