EXOTIC BLEND by Leah Dancel

I would like to share this beautiful poem for me from Poetess I admire EUREKA: Supple and youthful look,a blend of beauty and brain.A fine gem found beneath the earthAn angelic lustre in firmament illumines. Soft and sweet -a sculpt chiselled chin contour;A rosy countenance of loveand compassion.The doe eyed endowment speaksof passionA subtle glow … Continue reading EXOTIC BLEND by Leah Dancel


APPRECIATION POEM BY Don Luman-ag (Featured Poet)

Photo credit : Don Luman-ag APPRECIATION POEMBy Don Luman-ag I.Inspiring beauty and brainsThat's how I see our dear Ma'am HelenJust like her namesake -- the lovely Helen of TroyTwo great women destined to be in literature Unequalled is her brand of leadership, guts and charismaShe's an unselfish woman, a very inspiring personaA great source of … Continue reading APPRECIATION POEM BY Don Luman-ag (Featured Poet)