A Gift that’s Pure and True

A mother's love is a wondrous thing, A gift that's pure and true, And when she shares her arts and crafts, A masterpiece is born anew. With tender care and gentle hands, She guides her child with pride, Teaching skills that will last a lifetime, And always stay by their side. The paintbrush glides across … Continue reading A Gift that’s Pure and True


Season’s Delight ,An Acrostic Poem

W_inter breeze, a chilling embrace I_ndoor activities bring pleasurable grace N_ights approaching, shadows cast T_ime fleeting, moments fly too fast E_ars shiver, seek warmth and rest R_adio's fine, but hot chocolate's the best S_pring emerges, vibrant and clear P_etals unfurl, flowers appear R_aindrops dance, tapping my boots I_n celebration, light attire suits N_ature paints green, … Continue reading Season’s Delight ,An Acrostic Poem