“Healing Through Children”

“Healing Through Children”

In the presence of innocence, a sacred delight,
Where laughter dances and hearts take flight,
A realm untouched by the world’s weary woes,
Where purity and wonder forever flows.

Children, oh children, so vibrant and free,
Bearing the essence of life’s sweet decree,
In their tender hearts, love’s song is sung,
A symphony of joy, forever young.

Within their gaze, a sparkle of dreams,
Unveiling a world where magic gleams,
Their laughter, a balm for the wounded soul,
A beacon of hope that makes us whole.

For in their presence, worries subside,
As they teach us how to truly reside,
In moments of now, unburdened and clear,
Where the weight of the world disappears.

With boundless imagination, they create,
Painting rainbows and tales of fate,
Through their eyes, we glimpse new beginnings,
As the tapestry of life reveals its innings.

Their curiosity, an unwavering flame,
Ignites our spirits, never to be the same,
For in their questions, wisdom unfurls,
Reminding us of life’s precious pearls.

In their embrace, hearts find solace,
Love’s tender touch, an eternal promise,
For the soul is healed, in their tender care,
In the sacred presence, so pure and rare.

So let us cherish each child we hold dear,
Nurture their spirits, protect without fear,
For they are the healers, gentle and mild,
Guiding us back to our inner child.

In their laughter and play, we find respite,
A refuge of grace, shining so bright,
For the soul is healed, in the presence divine,
By being with children, love’s purest sign.

By Eureka Robey, Author of My Pen and Soul


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