A Journey Through the Raindrops

"A Journey Through the Raindrops" Life ends, life starts with every drop of rain,A cycle eternal, nature's mystic refrain.From the heavens above, blessings cascade,Reviving the earth, where dreams are made. Each droplet carries hope, a promise to fulfill,A symphony of resilience, a resilient will.In every storm's embrace, there lies rebirth,For even the darkest clouds hold … Continue reading A Journey Through the Raindrops


The Farmer Spirit Shines

"The Farmer Spirit Shines" Beneath the blazing sun's golden embrace,A farmer toils, planting seeds with grace.His back, arched low, in humble surrender,Seeds of hope he sows, his heart so tender. Through muddy paths, he guides his carabao,Together, they march, in sync with nature's flow.Shouldering burdens, heavy rocks of strife,He paves the way for a bountiful … Continue reading The Farmer Spirit Shines