To my Dearest Husband

To my dearest Zach, a love so true,I pen these words, a heartfelt thank you.For in your embrace, I've found solace rare,A love that's boundless, a love beyond compare. You've entered my life like a guiding light,With open arms, you made everything right.With gentleness and warmth, you embraced me whole,A love so pure, it's touched … Continue reading To my Dearest Husband


Her Calendar

She marks the calendar, years unfold, Cherished moments, memories untold. Places explored, new horizons unfurled, Bonded with loved ones, her precious world. From childhood's start, a ritual bred, Calendar's maze, memories widespread. From singlehood to marriage, love's core, Generations united, a legacy to adore. Meticulous plans, each event assigned, Sharing reminders, no moment left behind. … Continue reading Her Calendar