A brand new start

Applied a Haiku style in this poem. I love to capture the sky during sunrise. It gives me the feeling of refreshment. Waves of the oceanĀ  Deliver an exciting show  The rays from the sun  Reflects in the water and glow Shining horizon The glistens look like diamonds The sky wrapped in hues Pink, orange … Continue reading A brand new start


Creative art from God’s divine

Creative art of Almighty I adore Bluish purple sky , changes its color Chirping birds compose a song And make you feel to sing along Calming breeze ,cool wind Makes you feel love deep within Appreciating life's beauty & blessings Our Almighty God has given Heaven and earth intertwine Being held by rays of sunshine … Continue reading Creative art from God’s divine

“Mother Nature” by Eureka C. Bianzon

How sweet it is to view the clear blue sky Green, beautiful trees reaching the mountain highs Drizzling dew drops on leaves as cold as the wind blows Just few of amazing things God has created that We just need to know How charming it is to wake up with the rays of light A … Continue reading “Mother Nature” by Eureka C. Bianzon