“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessedA book of victory from her life's questA smile despite a heart beneath unrestA sage being full of love and sweet caress Nobody knows what her wrinkles meantIn the eyes of God she was a heavenly sentA face full of love , a heart with pure intentWho nurtures , who … Continue reading “Her inner beauty”


I always want to be with you

Here you are sleeping between my arms While I look out the window and see the stars Wishing that from you I will never be far For I always want to be with you my little star I can hear your breathing like music to my ears I always want to be with you so … Continue reading I always want to be with you

I don’t want to see you in pain

You wrap your eyes with your hands Then tears suddenly fell from them When I asked you, are you alright? You whispered yes, I can pretend.  I could see through my very eyes Those tears are like heavy rain I care because I sympathize And I don't want to see you in pain I know … Continue reading I don’t want to see you in pain

“Independent woman” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You might say,she's alone Yes she's alone,but she's happy  she got her own She lives independently from dusk 'til dawn Manage her life in her  happy home She will never depend on to  someone else She has a job to have her  money She got no interest of playing with someone else For she can … Continue reading “Independent woman” by Eureka C. Bianzon