See Light to Humankind

People often lose their charm because of negligence Gossiping, talking things without any sense Judgemental ones sometimes cause a fire Especially when belittling others was their desire Not everyone you can call a friend If their mind's interest was to offend Follow your heart , see light to humankind It is how a truest friend … Continue reading See Light to Humankind


“That day was my best time to go”

Our friend's father passed away today. I couldn't help but to write this poem. It  was my time to say goodbye to all Moment I'd been waiting as I recallĀ  Please do not be lonely nor feel empty My heart is at peace that now I am free  Sorry If  I didn't wait for your … Continue reading “That day was my best time to go”

Remember to watch & talk to me at Sunset

The sky turns orange , the sun is waving  goodbye Time to ascend in heaven while birds sing their lullabies I will be in a celestial place where things are wonderful to describe Please smile knowing that up there I  have a happy life Hey! now I can see you wiping your teary eyes Think … Continue reading Remember to watch & talk to me at Sunset


Kabigan bakit ba ang layo mo Ilang taon na din tayong hindi nagkatagpo Hindi makatulog kakaisip sa'yo Nawa'y ayos ka lang sa iyong ginagalawang mundo Kaibigan sobrang namimis na kita Kailan kaya kita mayayakap muli't makakasama Sa bawat oras tanaw ko ang langit dahil sa'yo Minamasdan ang ulap at bituin, iniisip kung tinatanaw mo din … Continue reading Kaibigan

In the eyes of innocent souls

The storm plays like a  frenzied drum on a Rusty roof Down the house a little heart  fear grows Embracing his friend that keeps saying Woof By chance the sound of thunder won't stop Its harsh music causes such distraught Yet his friend relieves all the fears he got Grants him calmness from security & … Continue reading In the eyes of innocent souls