In our daughter’s eyes I see a Wonderful You

"In Our Daughter's Eyes, I See a Wonderful You"(A poem I wrote for my husband on our 6th year wedding anniversary)June 27, 2021 From the day our paths intertwined,Deep in my heart, your love I did find.No doubt existed, our love was true,In your warm embrace, I always knew. Poems fall short in expressing my … Continue reading In our daughter’s eyes I see a Wonderful You


“My Love Zach”

"My Love Zach"( poem I wrote for my husband Zach )In Quintuple Tetractys MyLove ZachMy darlingYou touched my lifeYou embrace my being completelyYour heart loves me unconditionallyYou are my songForeverHome.YouGave meA daughterAs sweet as youAs wonderful as you my belovedBoth are best gifts that I've ever receivedI'm foreverThanking GodFor YouBabe.SoManyWonderfulThings About YouYou are the only … Continue reading “My Love Zach”

Glimpse of Time

My very first Tetractys Poem "Glimpse of Time"Poem & Art by ©️eurekarobey ICame homeBy myselfIn mournful nightThinking all about you my dearest friendI was summoned by your reminiscenceThe joy you broughtWhen you laughDearestOneYouLeft meDesperateIn longing thoughtsI keep hearing your gentle voice of graceMy eyes closed, thinking you're in better placeHope I have soughtNever you're nearTears … Continue reading Glimpse of Time