“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessedA book of victory from her life's questA smile despite a heart beneath unrestA sage being full of love and sweet caress Nobody knows what her wrinkles meantIn the eyes of God she was a heavenly sentA face full of love , a heart with pure intentWho nurtures , who … Continue reading “Her inner beauty”


“That day was my best time to go”

Our friend's father passed away today. I couldn't help but to write this poem. It  was my time to say goodbye to all Moment I'd been waiting as I recall¬† Please do not be lonely nor feel empty My heart is at peace that now I am free  Sorry If  I didn't wait for your … Continue reading “That day was my best time to go”

I always want to be with you

Here you are sleeping between my arms While I look out the window and see the stars Wishing that from you I will never be far For I always want to be with you my little star I can hear your breathing like music to my ears I always want to be with you so … Continue reading I always want to be with you

“Being with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

You lighten me during my darkest hour You saved my heart in so many ways You always give me my motive power Since I found you I feel so secured everyday ¬† There's a love song ringing in my ears Singing you're my forever, my world, my life Your voice is the sweetest melody I've … Continue reading “Being with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Salamat sa mga ina ni Eureka.C.Bianzon

Galak ang hatid ng  bawat araw na daratal Mga pagbati sa mga inang minamahal Gaya ng agos ng tubig sadyang walang Patid Patuloy ang pagpupugay ng mga supling na may-ibig Kung tatantuhin lamang ng pusong masigasig Pag aarugang ginampanan ng ina Na walang ligalig Buong buhay ay inilaan ng walang halong pagdaing Upang matupad ng … Continue reading Salamat sa mga ina ni Eureka.C.Bianzon