“Cover Me in Your Sunshine: by Sarfraz Ahmed ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet )

Break open the coconut shell,

Crack the heart of the yoke let it propel,

Circle the fire,

The inner flame,

Bathe me you beauty and all that exists,

I want to hold it all in my perpetual fist,


Baptise me in the warmness of your smile,

In the salt that lingers in the bottom of the sea bed,

I want to walk barefoot on the sand,

In the paradise that is,

I want to walk hand in hand,

Let it resonate in the heart of this man,


Cover me like a blanket,

Serenade me time after time,

Hold me don’t ever let me go,

Cover me in your sunshine,

Let me bathe in the afterglow.


Sarfraz Ahmed

Copyright 2021

Message from our Poet

This poem is about optimism and joy, new love that resonates and breathes new life into a weary heart. It is a poem about beauty and finding love that is nurturing and warm. -Sarfraz

Our Featured Poet’s Biography

Sarfraz Ahmed lives and works in East Midlands, UK, and is a careers adviser, branching out as trainer, assessor, and a careers writer. He has been writing poetry for over eighteen years and has contributed to many anthologies, including Paint the Sky with Stars, published by Re-invention UK and many others published by the United Press, and many online contributions. His published books include poetry debut Eighty-Four Pins – Poetry Collection (June 2020) and My Teachers an Alien! (November 2020) which is a children’s book with illustrator Natasha Adams, published both books https://green-cat.co/books He has published his second collection of poetry, along with Annette Tarpley, Two Hearts (February 2021) and  Stab the Pomegranate – Collective Poetry (August 2021).Sarfraz is administrator the large Passion of Poetry group on Facebook and has a following on Facebook and Instagram. In May 2021 he was recognised as a World Contributor Poet, recognised for his contribution to poetry by Administrators, Poetry and Literature World Vision. We can find him at open mic events, where he has shared his poetry globally.



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