F ilipinos united with one spirit to share
I nks to remind each one the wisdom they bear
L ove of Poetry that binds one and all
I nspirations shared, forever to be recalled
P assion this is what FPB home is about
I n time its love will spread throughout
N umbers of muse will increase without doubt
O nly here in FPB we love from North to South

P inoys we call ourselves
O ur pride once pulled from a shelf
E ach has its own uniqueness and styles
T hus once combined will leave you a big sigh!
S imply because it also leaves you a huge smile

I nkers combined with passion
N oblest instinct is beyond imagination

B ig hearted poets live here
L onely hearts we would love to hear
O ppressed self , we wished to be freed
S omeday we will engrave in each hearts
S ensational home we could ever impart
O ur Filipino Poets in Blossoms our home
M ajestic place, we can call our own!
S oar high! May our purpose be known


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