To our very caring Mommy,

We couldn’t blame you why you left us

All we knew you were a best mom of cats

You rescued us when we were kittens

You treated us your first babies, your twins

You were saddened months before you said goodbye

Tears shed, every night from your  desperate cry

We knew it was heartbreaking  for you

But mom we understand more than anyone

could do

You were the best, you gave us bath twice a


Blew our hair dry, as if were playing hide and


We were the cleanest cats your friends would


We were spoiled , even celebrated our birthdays

You did not mind if we slept on your bed

But we loved on our belly you place your head

We knew how much you missed us, don’t be sad 

Raise a new rescue kitten, that will make us glad

Sorry for the trouble we have caused you

When we were kittens we tore things to pieces

When we got bigger we fought in front you

You were so patient ,all we got were kisses

We missed you , since the time you left

Mommy, Charry and I love you so much!

Please Promise you to take care of yourself

So, time will come, if we’re still alive

You’ll get to visit us.

Love your pearly white Chummy 

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