“Mother I love you, please forgive me”by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ve been hurt your feelings many times
From doing such crazy things
And you couldn’t stop me most of the times
From doing such nuisance things
You didn’t mind if you have waited much
And ignored you when I got home
And your hand I didn’t try to reach
Nor dare to touch
Instead I told you to just leave me alone
You have seen me through all those years
I gave you much of falling tears
Yet your love stayed the same and
Never diminished
You were the best mom from all the
Love you’ve shared
Unconditional love you gave to me
Despite of all the dire mistakes I’ve done
Mother I love you, please forgive me
I’m in pain & shed much of tears
now that you’re gone
Poem I’ve written today thinking of the lady who just realized the love of her mom, when we brought her in her last resting place…I hope this poem will share the lesson to everyone…
“Mothers mold us wholeheartedly, love us unconditionally, their love is patient and forgiving no matter what”

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