“Shoemaker” by Eureka C. Bianzon

A man settled himself near the church door
Where people who pass in & out are vital in his world
I wend in his place gazing on cut leathers everywhere
Where dirty, stained, old shoes were there

I’ve noticed a pairs of shoes, they were nicely made
He told those were his daughters wished to be repaired
It touched my heart when I glanced deeply at him
His right eye was blind that only the left could see the things

Tears fell for I admire him though
He opened up my heart to the world’s real door
He is the tremendous creature,
A loving father I’ve seen in this world
The inspiration he gave amazed me the most

He made me realize how deeply we can go
The depth of faith with God will make us strong
This world is a world of repair needed
Not only for the shoes
But for us humans to keep doing good
Like stained, broken shoes we can
Be repaired and be renewed


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