Let Sunshine enter in your heart

Let  sunshine enter in your heart When your world is about to part It may not be easy from the very start  But heart will heal if we do our part Renew your heart with a purpose each day Heart will heal if you give it its way Forgive yourself and  others before you go … Continue reading Let Sunshine enter in your heart


Creative art from God’s divine

Creative art of Almighty I adore Bluish purple sky , changes its color Chirping birds compose a song And make you feel to sing along Calming breeze ,cool wind Makes you feel love deep within Appreciating life's beauty & blessings Our Almighty God has given Heaven and earth intertwine Being held by rays of sunshine … Continue reading Creative art from God’s divine

A wonderful person

It takes a big heart To love It takes calm ears To listen It takes a clear mind To understand It takes clear eyes To appreciate beauty  It takes a loving soul To care It takes warm arms To give comfort It takes a wonderful person To show these words Mypenandsoul

“May this heart place in peace so deep” by Eureka C. Bianzon

May this pen versify All the words it wants to cry And leadeth my emotion to describe The poem of lore behind my eyes   May this burden get fade From my desire to make things straight May this pen throw away All the saddest words it wants  to convey   May I fall into … Continue reading “May this heart place in peace so deep” by Eureka C. Bianzon