My Journey,My Life (Acrostic Poem)

M-y journey has never easy Y-et the Almighty gives me strength daily J-ourney that allows me to glorify God O-vercome obstacles for the people I love U-nderstanding circumstances R-ealizing what lessons my journey would give N-ot only from happiness, but all sufferings I’d received E-nduring faith despite of thunderstorms in my path Y-earning hope was … Continue reading My Journey,My Life (Acrostic Poem)


Remember to watch & talk to me at Sunset

The sky turns orange , the sun is waving  goodbye Time to ascend in heaven while birds sing their lullabies I will be in a celestial place where things are wonderful to describe Please smile knowing that up there I  have a happy life Hey! now I can see you wiping your teary eyes Think … Continue reading Remember to watch & talk to me at Sunset

World of beauty,sweet smelldon’t last forever

Under the morning sun the flowers bloomIn silence each petals will be blown awayIn time may not be too soonLeaves get dry and fall each day The sky would rain down to its calmnessThe next day only it shows is such joy& happinessIts world of beauty,its sweet smelldon't last foreverBut it gets farther from love … Continue reading World of beauty,sweet smelldon’t last forever

His heart is place I call my home

There's a man so loving and sweet Who tickles my heart so deep When i look to his eyes that speak There's a soul that I would love to keep Forever I'll treasure our bond He will be  forever in my heart and beyond 'Til the water gets dry in  the ocean 'Til leaves  on … Continue reading His heart is place I call my home

“Abandoned children” by Eureka C. Bianzon

"Abandoned Children" A young boy in cold wintry streets Traversing the dangerous road with his barely feet Eyes were sunken, craving for food to eat Travailing the hungriness hoping for good man to meet On his shoulder tied an old cloth bag A crying baby was conspicuously seen Body wrapped with old clad rags Suffering … Continue reading “Abandoned children” by Eureka C. Bianzon