Sun Behind the Trees

Trees stand tall, their branches gracefully sway, Casting shadows beneath the sun's golden ray. When darkness encroaches, threatening to invade, A glimmer of light emerges, not to evade. The sun, a radiant jewel, hidden from view, Peeks through the foliage, casting hues anew. Behind the triumphs and struggles we embrace, It unveils a glow, a … Continue reading Sun Behind the Trees


Take a Break

The Importance of Taking Breaks and Self-Care In today's fast-paced and demanding world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We often find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities, meeting deadlines, and striving to achieve our goals. While hard work and dedication are important, it is equally crucial to take … Continue reading Take a Break

Kindness Inspires

"Kindness Inspires" In a world where dreams dance upon twilight's glow,We embark on a journey, each with our own flow.Like climbers ascending a towering hill,We strive for greatness, a destiny to fulfill. Amidst the trials, where shadows may lie,Let kindness illuminate, like stars in the sky.For as we tread this path, through sun and storm,It's … Continue reading Kindness Inspires

Pink Sky ,My Canvas of Hope

" Pink Sky, My Canvas of Hope" I sailed alone beneath the canvas of a pink sky,Gazing at the majestic mountains, their hues awry.Reflecting the blush of twilight, their silent glory,As the sun bid farewell, writing nature's story. The clouds above danced, resembling pink cotton candy,Softly billowing, adorned with hues so dandy.A sweet confectionery floating … Continue reading Pink Sky ,My Canvas of Hope

Light in the Dark

"Light in the Dark" In the depths of darkness, where shadows reside,There's a spark that glimmers, a flicker inside.For even in the night's embrace, we shall embark,For there's always light in the dark. Like fireflies dancing with ethereal grace,They illuminate the path, a guiding embrace.Their tiny lanterns shimmer, oh, such a sight,A symphony of hope, … Continue reading Light in the Dark