The Farmer Spirit Shines

"The Farmer Spirit Shines" Beneath the blazing sun's golden embrace,A farmer toils, planting seeds with grace.His back, arched low, in humble surrender,Seeds of hope he sows, his heart so tender. Through muddy paths, he guides his carabao,Together, they march, in sync with nature's flow.Shouldering burdens, heavy rocks of strife,He paves the way for a bountiful … Continue reading The Farmer Spirit Shines


Light in the Dark

"Light in the Dark" In the depths of darkness, where shadows reside,There's a spark that glimmers, a flicker inside.For even in the night's embrace, we shall embark,For there's always light in the dark. Like fireflies dancing with ethereal grace,They illuminate the path, a guiding embrace.Their tiny lanterns shimmer, oh, such a sight,A symphony of hope, … Continue reading Light in the Dark

OVERCOME FEAR OF FAILURE by Dex Amoroso ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

To control your life You must control the mind The cheat codes, go find Use it in the game of life  Walk through walls, on fire. Fly anywhere that you desire. Embrace the pain. Invite the pain.  Have pain over for lunch with you Ask to teach you all its lessons. Watch the lions that … Continue reading OVERCOME FEAR OF FAILURE by Dex Amoroso ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

My Journey,My Life (Acrostic Poem)

M-y journey has never easy Y-et the Almighty gives me strength daily J-ourney that allows me to glorify God O-vercome obstacles for the people I love U-nderstanding circumstances R-ealizing what lessons my journey would give N-ot only from happiness, but all sufferings I’d received E-nduring faith despite of thunderstorms in my path Y-earning hope was … Continue reading My Journey,My Life (Acrostic Poem)

“Her inner beauty”

A graceful expression her eyes possessedA book of victory from her life's questA smile despite a heart beneath unrestA sage being full of love and sweet caress Nobody knows what her wrinkles meantIn the eyes of God she was a heavenly sentA face full of love , a heart with pure intentWho nurtures , who … Continue reading “Her inner beauty”