See Light to Humankind

People often lose their charm because of negligence Gossiping, talking things without any sense Judgemental ones sometimes cause a fire Especially when belittling others was their desire Not everyone you can call a friend If their mind's interest was to offend Follow your heart , see light to humankind It is how a truest friend … Continue reading See Light to Humankind


“As we walked out one evening” by Eureka C.Bianzon

As we walked out one evening Under the moonlight beam The beautiful stars were shining Down to us from heaven it seemed We passed by the streets We walked around and seen Pretty lights anywhere Felt the cold weather stagnated In there When we got in inside the car I held his warm hands, stared … Continue reading “As we walked out one evening” by Eureka C.Bianzon

“Love we conspired”

As the night falls our hands intertwined My emotion started to grow as you held your body next to mine Only the moonlight shown the lights peculiarly our desires The strongest feeling more than before I've felt like a dance of fire As I stared on your eyes with it's glimmering lights My heart started … Continue reading “Love we conspired”