Whimsical Dandelion Dreams

In a meadow bathed in golden light,Stands a dandelion, a radiant sight.Its petals like sunshine, yellow and bright,A treasure to behold, a pure delight. A little girl, with laughter in her eyes,Gently plucks the dandelion, no goodbyes.She holds it close, a symbol of her dreams,As the wind whispers secrets in silent streams. With a breath, … Continue reading Whimsical Dandelion Dreams


Dream Big Little One

Dream big, little one,Reach for the stars.You're destined to shine,Among galaxies afar. Imagination's wings,Unleash your might.Fly, explore, create,In dreams, take flight. The world is your canvas,Paint with vibrant hues.Let passion guide you,As you refuse to lose. Believe in your power,And embrace the unknown.For dreams are the seeds,From which greatness is sown. Obstacles may arise,But fear … Continue reading Dream Big Little One

“Healing Through Children”

"Healing Through Children" In the presence of innocence, a sacred delight,Where laughter dances and hearts take flight,A realm untouched by the world's weary woes,Where purity and wonder forever flows. Children, oh children, so vibrant and free,Bearing the essence of life's sweet decree,In their tender hearts, love's song is sung,A symphony of joy, forever young. Within … Continue reading “Healing Through Children”

Good future starts from home 

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey What causes quarrels , what causes fights What makes children decide which is wrong or which is right The truth is each of them were born innocents,  Is this  the root of human predicament? Love begins at home and so as discipline Guidance from family is an imperative thing … Continue reading Good future starts from home 

To my Daughter on Daughter’s Day

Artwork by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey A Poem for Our Precious Trinity Ann on Daughter's Day Our precious , all we want is to hold you tightTo look at your face when you sleep at nightYou are a wonderful child Trinity, My dearSo loved ,cared , secured behind a glass from fears You are our … Continue reading To my Daughter on Daughter’s Day