“Grateful for My Musings”

As the sun gracefully descends,

I find solace in this serene blend.

With paper and pen in my embrace,

I gaze at the heavens, a boundless space.

Contemplating life’s profound quest,

My thoughts take flight, divinely blessed.

Ink spills forth, my hand takes flight,

Capturing fragments, day turns to night.

Unveiling memories, hidden and true,

Tracing paths no one else can pursue.

Within this poem’s enchanting embrace,

My world unfolds, my thoughts find grace.

Isn’t it wondrous, this art we wield,

Expressing emotions that lie concealed?

From the depths within my soul it springs,

A symphony of themes, my heartstrings sing.

As daylight fades, I bid adieu,

To this humble creation, born anew.

Grateful for the paper, grateful for the pen,

I offer this simple piece, my gift to you.

Eureka Robey,Author of My Pen and Soul


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