When are you going to start?

What’s the very first thing that comes to your mind,

The moment  when someone closer to you leaves this earth?

That day they spread their beautiful wings, and flew high.

Then the  next day you feel  it was just a dream that deeply hurts

What was  the word you wanted to say that was left behind?

Was it the forgiveness  from promises being broken or of you being unkind ?

Were they  unsaid deserved praises or  appreciations?

Or the words I love you that needed to be heard for so  long.

What’s the very first thing you’ll do  when you’re able to find

That these are just thoughts and you still have the time

To act, to express, to say what’s inside your heart

While touch  can be  felt,words can be heard, 

When are you going to start?

Written by Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

Published Author of My Pen and Soul on Amazon

Book publisher McKinleyPublishingHun.Com

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