Jill’s Tales Book Author Jill Tait, Featured Published Author

Utter pride and sheer contentment 🌹🙏

I followed my heart after I had bared my inner soul

Writing those Jill’s tales book of life in my verses made me feel so whole

And as I reminisced from amidst my memories, unwanted welling tears were often out of my control

But little did I ever imagine, that my memoirs would ever achieve an awe inspiring goal..

So my Jill’s tales was completed in my many hand written pages

Three years ago I wrote fourteen chapters of my entire life story, mentioning each and everyone of my family in stages

And this hand written book, has simply been in the bottom of my wooden chest collecting cobwebs for ages

So locked up with my list of three thousand and more poems, silenced like yon lions in those circus cages..

Well a beautiful lass Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey, and from out of the blue

Said “Can you email your Jill’s tales to me please, I would like to read them all through

So of course I sent every one of my chapters to her immediately, without any further ado

Then I was absolutely flabbergasted, when Eureka messaged me back saying she would like to publish Jill’s tales with Mckinleypublishinghub.com, in my first ever book.. and thankfully I responded with a totally shocked “Wow, really” and “Thank you !!”..

So when I sit here today with my pretty pink, glossy book in the palm of my hands

And you know that feeling of utter pride and sheer contentment, that only the blessed understands?

As I read all about my loved ones amidst the hearts of their homelands

Where I wonder now, was fulfilling my hidden secrets of living my dreams written in God’s list of his commands?…🌹

♡ Jill Tait

Jill Tait , Published Author of Jill’s Tales

I am Jill Tait living in the beautiful, rolling hills and valleys of North Northumberland.. 

My little quaint town dwells down in the valleys with the meandering stream waxing and waning, as water flows from the high surrounding hills.

My obsession for penning poetry actually started one Autumnal afternoon, I was sitting anxiously waiting in a hospital room, full of people.. My dear sister Chris had a cancerous mole you see, so as I sat, I wrote her my poem all about our exact events on that day. I found it very easy typing text word for word on my iPhone, and it passed time away, lost in my little bubbles..Needless to say, Chris was okay after a long day and she really loved her very own personal poem..

So that was to be the very onset of my ‘Life in verses’ and really I tend to write about everything and anything that springs up along the way.. I love that pleasurable pass time being lost up a height in cloud nine, haha and I simply cannot not rhyme.. believe me I have tried prose..

I am now retired so have time on my hands and enjoy my active contribution as an administrator on the Passion of poetry. Annette Tarpley founded this absolutely gold mine for poets/poetesses all over the big wide world. I am pleased to say I adore Annette and value our friendship so much. She believed in me and invited me, then welcomed me with open arms into her amazing family. So we all work continuously behind the scenes growing Passion of Poetry from strength to strength..

A couple of years ago, whilst writing my many song lyrics and trying, to sing my tunes, something told me to write fourteen chapters of ‘Jill’s Tales’ 

I loved every second of penning from beyond my bygone memory recollections, so I really pray my readers share my pleasure whilst reading my life long truths..

My angel, Marilou  Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey made this book possible and I cannot thank her along with two more angels, Don Luman-ag and Dex Amoroso, ever enough for making my hidden dreams come true.. you see, dreams really can come true, you just gotta believe in Angels…

Jill’s Tales  is now available on Amazon

Paperback link http://shorturl.at/uyART

Harscover Black and White

Jill’s Tales https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5KZVR4/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FAPPNBRTK6KV7ESCBFM4

Hardcover Colored.     

Jill’s Tales https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5L9FCF/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_1QP92S5R1E2QWSM0SQ56

Message from Author Jill

Follow your heart ❤️

Nothing in this world is impossible
You only need to believeThen you will be amazed
At just what you will achieve
It doesn’t matter how big or small
Your personal ambition may be
Simply set your heart and soul on it
I think this is a certainty
Never let anyone tell you
Your dream won’t come your way
They are negative people
Be positive I say
There is a world awaiting you
Full of delightful daring things
For instance if your desire is travelling
Then spread those tiny wings
Or perhaps you long to own a company
Be the master of a trade
Strive hard towards this wish
Eventually this will be portrayed
Theres nobody can do it for you
So you need to know this from the start
If there is something that you really want
Then try your best with all your heart
We are put on this earth for a reason
I reckon that this is true
So follow your dreams forever
No matter what you do
Much Love
Jill Tait
Jill's Tales Published Author

Book Publisher http://mckinleypublishinghub.com

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