CHALLENGES IN LIFE by Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

We are just bizarre trespassers on this earth
Planning and committing follies
Creating also some delightful projects
Along our earthly stay
Inventing and creating a new World
And in doing so
Go to any impossible lengths
Felony and evil motives are sought thoughtlessly
There are those who face unthought of challenges
Passing their lives over sharp obstacles
Enduring so many sacrifices and challenges
Oh leaving aside a notable easy life
Having cherished dreams of success and progressive life
They opt for great difficulties and exceptional dangers
Remaining hungry and thirsty
Facing horrible torments and immense taunts
In pursuit for better worldly rewards
And they are the soldiers seeking fame and power
In our most unfathomable world
Where we are mere trespassers
Seeking impossible challenges and wealth.

Written by
Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla


Author’s Biography
 Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla, aged 67 years,  is from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
He has been writing poetry for the past 50 years publishing in School and Social Magazines.
Recently, during India’s 74th and 75th Independence in 2020 & 2021, he has been honored by the MOTIVATIONAL STRIPS & India’s GUJARAT SAHITYA ACADEMY for literary excellence in par with global Literary standards.
His outstanding Poem ” DANCING INTO OUR LIVES” is featured in CHAOTIC TIMES: Poetry Vaccine for Covid 19 by Authors Brenda Mohamed and Florabelle Lutchman.
His birthday tribute for the Founder of How to Write for Success Literary forum, Brenda Mohammed, was published in her book SWEET MEDLEY.
He is awarded the Kairat Duissenov Medal for Poetic Excellence for his Poem, KAIRAT, YOU ARE MISSED!in Motivational Strips Anthology POETS ARE IMMORTAL
Other poems are published in the WEBSITE of BHARATH VISION. 
His other Poems are published in POET MAGAZINE VOL 2 and was selected asINTERNATIONAL POET OF THE WEEK also.
His poems reflect reality life in social circles, peace, conflicts, poverty, romance and behaviour.

You have to persistently and patiently polish yourself by good deeds and action to form the habit of becoming a good samaritarian. Complaining does not solve existing problem. Overcome your difficult period through pious actions keeping trust in Allah.

– Shabbirhusein

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