Four Seasons( An Acrostic Poem)

W_inter breeze , chills comes my way
I_ndoor activities are pleasurable to let me stay
N_ights are approaching  real fast
T_ime of the day is about to end, so quick to last
E_ars so cold,in a cover  my body is ready to rest
R_adio’s fine ,but  hot chocolate will do the best

S_pring is here , I can  see it coming
P_etals of flowers start blooming
R_ain makes me dance ,tapping my boots
I_n celebration of not wearing my heavy suits
N_ow I can see the trees, surrounding so green
G_rasses and birds singing are best sign of spring

S_ummer is time to have so much fun
U_nder the brightness of glorious sun
M_ore outdoor activities we can do
M_orning stays longer for me and you
E_ven the sky stays brilliant with shades of blue
R_eading by the beach will be a fun thing to do

A_ll of the said seasons makes me feel excited
N_ights and days are  wonderfully exhibited
D_ry leaves are now approaching my way

F_all season is here , my favorite part of every day
A_s I turn around falling leaves touch my hair
L_ots of fruits harvested, pumpkins are everywhere
L_ovely time to spend outside to feel the cool mist of        
     the air. ©️

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