FAITH: STRENGTH IN ONE’S HEART by Lolita F. Lolos-Despuig

No one can survive without faith in one’s heart

No one can befriend with others, without faith to others

No one can give to others without faith in him

So faith is just there waiting … waiting in one’s heart.

Faith is a value that needs to be touched

To be touched by men so as to touch people

If faith is in our heart, we will be comfortable

Comfortable to our selves … and to others too,

Faith in oneself is strength of one’s heart

For without faith, as if we are walking in the dark

We can’t get along with anybody because faith is not with us 

That’s why, we feel as if burdens of the world are loaded in our shoulders.

Have faith in us, because it is the strength of our hearts

We will love the world, if we have faith in our hearts

So we can dance, as if we are ballerinas

Swaying in the air, as if we are floating.

Why not open up our eyes for the good of everyone?

Just smile at them, so that the world will smile at us

Give our hands to all nations, so that peace will be with us

If we can do these, we are sure… Faith is the Strength of our Hearts.

©️Lolita F. Lolos-Despuig


Hailed from the province of Sorsogon, town of Bulan, Region V ( Bicol), Dr. Lolita Lolos- Despuig is a retired Professor 3 of Sorsogon State College, now Sorsogon State University of the same place. In time of her teaching, she is a poet in her own way, thus engaging herself to scribble literary pieces like poems and prose, wherein some were published in various magazines both local and national, college newspapers and CHED news.

Because of her desire to express her feeling and emotions, poetry in particular moves her way up to the social media being a member of various groups in line with poetry. Currently, she is a mentor in RG de Castro Colleges of the same place bringing with her the adage: “Never Quit” which is in consonance of her never-ending love in jotting down poems, which is her hobby and as well as a part of her life, as it runs to her blood.
Furthermore, Dr Lolita Lolos-Despuig is happily married to Dr. Eduardo Groyon Despuig, also a retired Associate Professor 5 of the same college/ university .They have three(3) children who are all professionals in their own field of endeavor: A College Program Chair in Entrepreneurship; an OFW being a Medical Technologist and an Engineer.

Being a poet,a mentor, a wife and a mother, she can manage herself to divide her time in these different tasks. In spite of her senior age, she can still turn her legs on the floor, exercise, and more so, she can travel in and outside her country together with her family. Their togetherness brought them an adage that: “A family that prays together stays together”, which served as their guide in their day- to- day living, for they believed that God is always with them.


If faith is in us, peace will be in our minds, in our souls, in our hands, and in the world we are in. With faith, it strengthens our camaraderie to anybody surrounding us, may it be of the same race or from other nations. With faith in our hearts, we can feel happiness, thus we can unload worries from our shoulders with solace in our hearts and calmness in our whole being.

Faith is the strength of one’s heart … strength for it can wipe away miseries which make ourselves to stoop down to unhappiness because it ruins our lives. BUT because of faith, we can strive hard for the improvement of ourselves thus, engaging us to be free from forlorn in order to gaze the sweetness of the day, which strikes our hearts to smile … because Faith is the Strength of one’s Heart. -Lolita

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