FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS by Don Luman-ag ( My Pen & Soul Featured Poet)

Follow your dreams 

To your heart be true

Though the path maybe weary

And the skies aren’t blue

Just keep going on

When hope’s not in sight

And there’s no one around

To lend you a hand

In the darkest of night

Look up to the stars

See them shine brightly

To light up your way

Never give up

Just follow your heart

Whenever you stumble

Just rise from the fall

Follow your dreams

Have faith in your heart

Make use of your talents 

Believe in your strengths

Don’t ever give up

In your heart be brave

When you seize opportunities 

Your stars you shall reach

© Don M. Luman-ag

Our Featured Poet’s Biography

Don Luman-ag is a self-published Filipino author and poet who mostly writes inspirational and affirmative poems in the English language. He started his literary journey as a high school kid who represented his school in regional and national competitions. 

Don used to be the Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief of their school organ, The Misonahisian and its Filipino counterpart, Ang Misonahisian respectively. Fast forward to present, Don first started sharing his recent works in June 2021 via Filipino Poets in Blossoms.

Prior to the pandemic, Don worked as Technical Manager and Systems Audit Lead for Biotech Environmental Services Phils., Inc., a leading pest control company based in Metro Manila where he used to do insect identification, write technical reports and conduct various trainings and seminars within and outside the company for almost 9 years. 

Don is now back in his hometown, Oroquieta City, enjoying a simple but rewarding life together with his family and pets. He finds living close to nature very conducive to his hobbies, health and wellbeing. He plans to venture into Agri-Tourism in the near future as he foresees its vital role in post-pandemic new normal. 

His poetry book “INFINITY AND BEYOND: A Collection of 100 Selected Poems About This Journey Called Life,” is now available on Amazon in eBook, paperback and hardcover formats.


Message from our Poet/Author

Thank you so much for taking time to read my poems. I hope you find some inspiration in them. To know that I was able to touch hearts and impact people’s lives, gives me a different level of satisfaction and sense of fulfillment, that somehow I was able to achieve my life’s purpose and for that, I am grateful to the universe.

Poet / Author Don is one of excellent poets I’ve met through Filipino Poets in Blossoms . His poems are remarkable to share and read, these are poems will make you feel closer to the world or teach you how to pay attention to the world. I’m very excited for his beautiful book to be delivered to my home. -eureka

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