Since The Day You Were Born

God gifted us since the day you were born

You’re so perfect in your own human form

You have the most sweetest face my darling

Since then we knew you are our everything

You give us all the hope from things we face

Nothing else in this world can take your place

With  you our home became the happiest place

You’ve given love since the day you were born

How I  love to stare to your lovely face

You’re so angelic with  delicate form

You have scattered magic in  everything

You’re the best ever present my darling


Your giggles  keep us going my darling

You spread happiness all throughout our place 

Meaning of  family is everything

Importance you give on day you were born

This  can’t be replaced in luxurious form

All we need is your sweet and lovely face

I see your father when I see your face

Both of you are my life’s  world my darling

This place with you now has a joyful form

In this earth you give me a homey place

Ninety years you’re  the very first girl born

You are very special in everything

From then on  you became my everything

Each time I’m not with you , I see your face

Keeps reminding me on day you were born

You’re precious my Trinity my Darling

Thoughts about you never leave mommy’s  place

You are  a miracle came in human form

Miracles do happen in any form

One of them was you my everything

You are such a life and  joy of our place

Being with you no burdens we can’t  face

This is so true my sweetheart,my darling

You brought light  to us the day you were born

Writing this poem for you  makes my tears form

I can’t live without you my everything

You gave me purpose the day your were born


First Sestina poem I wrote , I will recheck this again in few days .

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