An Old Book with Lessons

 I put my makeup on to look younger for the day

Facing the mirror, I could think of nothing to say

I see myself as a lonely rose trying to look so young

With petals getting old, so soon to thrung

Oh my sad leaves will soon get dry and  fall

A lonely tree with branches that will get so weak to hold

How will I get the courage to stand firm?

When people see my mind as nothing to affirm

To few  I was an old woman with brooding thoughts

Sad they were the ones enamored my younger life 

But how my listless appearance will bring joy to their world

My hope they envisage that I could still be their light

Triumphantly yet heartbreakingly  at the same time

Grateful that I reach this age carrying my lessons in life

Sad that I’m nothing to some people’s eyes

But I know in my heart I am an old book with lessons ,to read is worth to try

©️ my-pen-and-soul

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