MOMENTS OF TIME ( Acrostic Poem)

Moment of time not everyone’s owned but borrowed

Opportunity that is given to every living soul

Meaningful life is  more than the value of gold

Every moment is a light of eternity to behold

None of us can answer until when will it be

Time is given gift to everyone here that you see

So never waste it to look back with regrets

Our Lord forgives, so forgive yourself and the rest

Find ways to spend it with the people you love

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone but with God

It is a moment we would not want to waste

Make wonderful memories in each passing day

Earth is a temporary home, so make the most of your stay

©️Marilou Eureka Bianzon Robey

Published Author of My Pen & Soul

A Collection of Artwork & Poetry

The book is now available i

On Amazon


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