Poem for Athlete

P-eople think  you all are having so much fun

O-nly because of cheerful smiles on your faces 

E-very  now and then, they didn’t know you want to run

M-oments when you feel you want to be in capacious  places

F-or most of the days you get  up so early

O-nce the sun first rises you need to be ready

R-eady to face  the challenges though it was not easy

A-thletes , heroes of each nation

T-he flags you raise  without sign of hesitation

H-ope you give aureates light of inspirations

L-ove of  sports you demonstrate without expectations

E-ndeavouring  to keep the unity  of spirits 

T-hrough blood and sweats , braveness you exhibit

E-very athlete is a champion with a golden crown

S-ouls who deserve respect ,in this world be it known

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