“Life’s Purpose” by DimpsKzie( Featured Inspiring Poet)

From womb till birth we’ve started our journey,
Nursing by a mother in a caring and loving way,
As we grow bigger from day to month and year,
We learn to crawl, stand, and walked on our own.

As we continue growing into adulthood,
We confront stormy battles that we fought,
Sometimes in the pains of failures we succumb,
But we learned that giving up is not a good option to have.

Of life’s experiences that brought adversities,
We find love as assurance in certain uncertainties,
And through its character, we blossom our understanding,
That we cannot live without our true purpose in the world we’re living.

Our experiences shaped us as we continue the journey,
From brokenness, we’ve learned to pick up ourselves piece by piece,
And when the universe decides its time for us to rise,
No one can stop it even the heaviest hurdles in the sight.

As we found ourselves worthwhile,
Only then we realized that we were truly alive,
In prosperity and happiness, we share the bliss,
The way our Creator molded us to serve our purpose-driven life.

We are the masters of our fate to live in harmony,
We are given free will to designed our life to become worthy.


Hi! My name is Glenda, known by my pen name DimpsKzie.

I'm a mother of three and grandmother of two beautiful kids. I like to pen what's in my heart, how I feel and immortalize it through poem as I drew my inspiration from everyday living and happenings around me.

To all readers, thanks so much for reading our works here at mypenandsoul.com. It makes our heart swell in inspiration for wonderful comments you leave here. It makes us want to write more.

To the lovely, Ms. Eureka, again, from my heart, thank you for featuring me here on your website.
More power!

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