APPRECIATION POEM BY Don Luman-ag (Featured Poet)

By Don Luman-ag

Inspiring beauty and brains
That’s how I see our dear Ma’am Helen
Just like her namesake — the lovely Helen of Troy
Two great women destined to be in literature

Unequalled is her brand of leadership, guts and charisma
She’s an unselfish woman, a very inspiring persona
A great source of encouragement for both seasoned and aspiring poets
I find great learning from her sincere and honest critiques

She’s like a mother hen who tags along her chicks
She grooms and takes them to where the good stuff is
She encourages them to soar to greater heights
By creating various opportunities for them to shine

Ma’am Eureka is a triumphant discovery
A real asset in the world of poetry
She’s a sophisticated lady with a heart of gold
She’s got so much talent, it’s plain to behold

A model, actress, and artist rolled into one
With a personality as elegant as her more than seven hundred poems
She freely lends her exceptional skill in computer graphics
To give us beautifully adorned Quotes of the Day, awards and certificates

What I really like the most about this darling
Is how she remains humble and never self-serving
Such personal quality and attribute are worth admiring
For beauty of character is what’s more lasting

My very good friend, Ma’am Leah Dancel
I’m glad she coaxed me to get out of my shell
She’s instrumental in rekindling my literary passion
She’s the one who invited me to join Filipino Poets in Blossoms

I’m a top fan of her literary works
Her poems and essays are fantabulous
They’re impeccable in both grammar and style
Coffee table book-worthy, riches to be desired

It’s been my wish that her collected works
Will someday soon be printed into books
For this generation and posterity to enjoy
Reading them can give everyone so much joy

If you don’t want to be a so-so
You got to learn it from Sir Dex Amoroso
As his Italian-Hispanic family name implies
Dex is indeed an amorous guy

He is naturally witty, never corny
At times he can also be humorously naughty
But mind you, he is profound and serious
A loving dad of two who’s drop-dead gorgeous

He’s an intellectual, not your average Joe
Looks intimidating but he is humble true
I’m so impressed with his self-authored books
He’s a self-made man and I’m proud to call him “bro”

Another poet whom I really I look up to
Is none other than our very own Sir Crispulo
He’s also a late bloomer as he divulged
Sometimes our poems exist in parallel worlds

His works I’d say, are classic and refined
Free-flowing fountain from the heart and mind
He keeps exploring other forms and styles
I am bewitched by his “prosetry” in particular

Neatly written using choicest words
Precisely crafted and skillfully measured
Sentence fluency so smooth and expressive
Quality writing worth its weight in gold

I pay my tribute to Maestro Yesu Ben
This Philippine treasure is every artist’s friend
He is a faithful guardian of the beloved craft
It’s a great privilege to know this noble laureate

A teacher-philosopher of unfeigned humility
You can sense in him deep spirituality
Hard to match physical and mental agility
Looking super cool at the age of sixty

He mentors by example that we may not depart
From the gold standard for literary arts
His works are a testament to his well-earned stature
A brilliant luminary in Philippine Literature

Seldom that I  feature a poet and their poem here in my website , yet this wonderfully written poem dedicated to Poets of Filipino Poets in Blossoms melted my heart early this morning. It was written by an extraordinary Poet, Mr. Don Luman-ag.  I was reading it and found myself wiping my falling tears from the appreciation he mentioned about me.

 Sir Don Luman-ag , is one humble poet that I admire. His poems are sagaciously written. I love the way he expressed his poems about nature, pets, and how much he appreciates the beauty of life & people around him. 

I can’t wait to feature more of his inspirational poems here in Mypenandsoul soon .

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