Papa,I love you

My words for you bid my eyes to weep 

A  message  that I would not want to keep  

I’ll let my heart command what it wants to write 

When about a year ago you  almost died 

I want to tell you , that I love you so 

My heart would fall apart if I see you go

You delved love in my life , you’re my best friend 

You’d  do everything for my heartaches to mend

I pray your bright world will come back again  

Face full of laughter , and body freed from pain 

I knew  what you feel about I can’t explain 

All I know you want my gladness to remain 

Your role never ceased despite of Illness 

Only you care about  is my own happiness 

You show all the smiles you’d ever give 

Aching heart you hide,  normal life you can’t live 

You profoundly modified my blessed life

Your love is very near ,though you’re far from my sight

Thank you for valuable lessons you’ve taught me

I’m the woman  now, you wanted me to be

Each night I look at the stars ,I pray 

“That you seek God’s guidance in every way”

May encouragement  remains in you each day

May your deepest faith keeps your burdens away 

Papa , I love you in more ways than one

May you always see the glaring rays from sun

I’ll care for you no matter what life gives

Be with you, as  you did since I was a kid.


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