I pray grandma ,you’ll appear in my dream

At the hospital they said 

your failure to survive

My hope is within me ,

that Miracle will keep you alive

All of mixed emotions

 brought conclusion

 to put your body to rest

Your breathing was affecting

 the heart underneath 

your fragile chest

My heart is shattered ,

now  you’re gone

Many plans I have for you 

will be left undone

Tears are flowing 

down to my knees

Ambiguous sorrow ,

Why could this be? 

You’re my only grandparent

 I had left

Not seeing you 

was my biggest regret

Grandma I pray,

God will whisper to you

How much I had longed

 and  loved you

I’m sorry Grandma,

 I know you understand

Why I couldn’t be there

 to reach your hands

Please guide my father, 

your eldest son

May He find strength

 and heal in time.

I pray tonight Grandma

 you’ll appear in my dream

So I can tell you what’s in my heart

I want to see you in place

So serene

Dancing will angels,

Singing with your heart

We  love you mommy,thank you

for everything you’ve done

Please guide your children

&  all of us your grandkids

 up from heaven

And through your

 wonderful memories 

Please help our 

longing hearts to mend 

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