He whispered to her ears, “I love you mom” 

His heart is of the ocean of sadness, part of his story was broken

His heart feels nothing only emptiness, for a part of him was taken 

He in desolate sea full of despair, restoration his deep prayer

Heartache he  could not bear, now reflection of joy seems blurry

The flowing river through his eyes stream, 

 Wishing this is only  a dream

He planned to embrace her for coming years, 

but how? Soon she will  disappear

Now he will lay his  head with  agony,

Hurt to accept what can not be

He then asked for  sad the moon to glisten, 

 while he plays gospel  to listen 

All night he wondered all over again

Why do I have to feel this pain?

Like the wind he wipes the flowing river

Could not believe time is over

Saying “Mom you are asleep please hear


“I love you , please , please be with me”

Denials thus exist in his longing heart.

Hard accept they’re about to part

He wanted embrace her between his arms

Her voice is all he wants to hear

His smile  is  wide thinking of his mom

Losing her is his utmost fear

He whispered to her ears, “I love you mom” 

I believe you will get through this 

His chest soaked with tears, trying to be calmed

He suddenly give her a  kiss

He then said a prayer for God’s mercy

Thinking his mother’s memories

He then say ” Goodbye mama ,no more pain”

In heaven filled with angels

Shall I see you again

Poem for my grandma, I wrote this poem in behalf of my father's feelings. Though he could not express much , I knew what his heart was telling me to write. 
I love you Grandma ,I'm going to miss you terribly.

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