“Music was her life”

I remember when I was in highschool

I met this woman who was so cool

She loved music, she played the piano

She encouraged me , she taught me too

Years had passed, her sickness had gotten


She had a lung cancer , she was a bedridden

for her it was a curse

When we met I brought a keyboard with me

Her eyes were in gleam from  ecstasy

When she placed her hands on the piano keys 

She then started humming like bees

She was playing it  with full emotion

Seemed all her sufferings were gone

That day music brought her in the past

Cast away her bad dreams with aghast

Night came she asked me, 

Do you like to play?

I responded ,” I don’t know how Tita Weng”

Days went by she did not waste her time

She tried her very best for me to play fine

Yes I finally learned from her patience 

She lived her life with full of essence

I reached in college, one day l I bought her


She was laying on her bed , but did not want

To take a rest

She did not want to eat , nor take her


But she allowed me to do all these 

for she knew I was so concerned

I did not know that night was her last night

I stayed with her , and played the piano

with her sight

Her last words ” Thank you for taking care 

of me like my own child”

Please tell my daughter  ” I love her too,

& all my life  I wished to be here by my side, like you do. 

©️ eurekarobey mypenandsoul author

I called her Tita Weng , her name was Rowena in real life. When I met her in their humbled home she had terminal lung cancer. She did not get a chance to  spend time with her daughter ( It was a long story) 

Music she said made her live longer than she thought.  I will never forget the skills she taught me. As long as I can play she will still live within me. I love you Tita Weng, Happy Mother’s day in Heaven


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