“Tears behind my broken window pane”

A midnight full of sad disdain
Here I am sitting behind my broken window pane
Quiet and still waiting for the dawn and the sun
Looking for the blessed hope, and glorious light to come

I’m longing for the blanket of comfort
That could make me warm
From the cold tears that keeps on flowing
Down to my knees
I’m longing for a soothing voice and its encouraging sound
That could tell me to stop shedding tears
And suddenly bestow me a sweet gentle kiss

Losing you makes this heart so empty,
I’ve been worn out showing a smiling face
The loads inside of me are too heavy,
I want to rest, I want to pace

I’m hiding these tears behind my broken window pane
From the words which were left unsaid, from a desperate cry
My life without you will never be the same again
This is the only truth when you said your saddest goodbye

©️eurekarobey author of Mypenandsoul

artist eurekarobey

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