Mother’s Love

It is seldom nowadays  that I write , but this little yet meaningful thing made me  realize how life gives us  wonderful lessons from day to day.

Last Sunday I’ve found a little bird on the ground infront of our window,  it was limping and I’ve found out that it got  broken left leg, it didn’t even fly at all when I tried to hold it , and it was still a baby bird , a weak baby bird. When I looked up, there was a nest , with a  another bird on it, it was probably its sibling, I figured out this poor bird fell from it.
So what I did, I gave it a small piece of banana and tried feeding it with it.   I’ve made a small box and create a nest on it and place it infront of the window.


The bird was not there anymore, I’ve been thinking about it when I got to work, where did it go?…My husband told me it was fine… in my mind maybe it was eaten by a cat, I remembered those stray cats that I’ve been feeding that day … and I was really hoping not.

Tuesday morning, It was my day off, I’ve opened the door to check if the baby bird was there, and it was not, in my mind , maybe it was gone…  😦

Afternoon my mother in law picked me up to eat dinner with them…She dropped me home afterwards , in my surprise  the baby bird was there on the doorstep, Yes on the doorstep, with my excitement I’ve called my  mother in law  to show the baby bird and told her  the story about it and  when she and I came closer to it, I was in delight when I saw it flap its wings,Yes  it was flying,  it was still limping little bit, the baby bird was feeling better…


Today my mother  in law and I  saw the baby bird with its mother  in the parking lot when she dropped me home.. looked like the mother bird was feeding it… This reminds me of my mom so much!Mother’s Love , truly God’s wonderful blessing, it is unconditional, no matter what , they will always look for us, love us , take good care of us… even from afar… I’m glad its mom was finally  with her … 

Nevertheless this baby bird I can say is a fighter , it tried harder to survive, in our lives we get hurt, we fall down and eventually  if we encourage ourselves to fight and try harder we will definitely survive.  Above all God’s love makes us survive…


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