My Pen

My mind is unrest and wide awake

Digging its moving thoughts through my pen

Now in lone splendour where my pen would release its breath

It amidst with pure ablution if won’t divulge would swell

I started penning for the world all throughout

Through God my right hand moves without any doubt

Only I ask myself how these things have begun

It seems mysterious & difficult to be left undone

My pen moves like water on the river

Flows continuously without any hesitation to wander

Its only wish is to meet the heart of each reader

To share the love & inspiration which I love to ponder

Bright stars I witness as well as the bright moon

While unleashing my feelings from my pens croon

Though my mind ceaselessly musing this night 

Tomorrow I’ll be witnessing a beautiful sight

I will be in a lovely early morn

Staring at a poem I penned from Almighty that I adore

I have received His wisdom throughout the night

The blessing of His power I’ve witnessed while

not using my sight


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