My name is Dew  by Mypenandsoul 

My name  is  Dew by  

I roam  to meet my new and old friends dear

To the firehouse, school, houses that are near

To the farm  fields,  ponds , and creeks

Where color of leaves change multiple times a year 
I follow the golf cart all the way 

To  make sure that everybody is okay

I sniff the places where  we go

No matter how the insects make my 

 nose blow 
I am a town dog, a farm dog as well

My name is Dew , you all heard about my tale

This is the wonderful life I chose to dwell

That every day in my journey I make people well 
“My name is Dew”

Poem author: Eureka Bianzon Robey  

3 thoughts on “My name is Dew  by Mypenandsoul 

  1. That poem was so beautiful. I originally saw on Dew’s website photos. I Google your website to see if I could find the poem and to thank you for such a touching poem & photo. I love Dew’s adventures and photos.

    1. Thank you Theresa, Im very happy that I’m part of their family now, one of Dew’s owner is my husband..His parents were the ones who bought Dew.They raised him with full of love… I ve seen Dew the very first time was in 2015 when I got here in United States from Philippines. I write poems alot …and writing this poem made me feel the happiness that I have known this wonderful wanderer dog

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