“Welcome 2016” by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Reminisce those enormous  blessings you have had received before the year will pass
And may every tide be filled with hope and each one of us will stand from it and grow
Welcome 2016 owing treatment with joyously glistening sunlight
Blessed by God Heavenly Father who is always there to  mend our souls

Leave the past  of sadly grieve brought by 2015
Store it in the bottle of remembrance
Thank God for everything you’ve  received
Comfort your heart with deep assurance
To unlearn your mind with acts of vain
And weigh all things that are right as in themselves breast all resolution reign

Keep reaching your passions  beyond compare
And bravely face the triumphs to oppose the fate for God is always there
May this year 2016 bring hope and mists your life with delight
And grant each ones  feeble heart with a world so bright

…A blessed 2016 Everyone…

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