Uniqueness by Eureka Bianzon Robey

I feel the cool wind that kisses my face
While in the golf cart as we roam  around in this beautiful place
The colors of trees are extremely delighting
Red,orange ,yellow in my eyes are very pleasing

Oh there’s a tiny little bee that follows me
Whisper the zzzzz sound in my ear
I don’t know if im going to tap it or leave  it here
Okay bee ,just leave me alone,only your color and sound I want to hear

Okay,im going to continue my writing
I’ve been worried that a bee would  sting
In a golf cart I relax on my seat
While I lay on the front glass my small lazy feet

The chlorophyll breaks down again
On the most of the trees except the  forever green
As I look through I’ve noticed a different colored orange tree
It may be different I guess it was beautiful as it can be

Uniqueness makes one proud
It is like a cotton candy cloud
The color may be white on a blue sky
Yet it gives brightness to make it alive

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