At the dance floor by Eureka Bianzon Robey

I `ve heard the first line of our love song
When I saw you reaching for my hand
I held yours,I truly feel your world is my home
The feeling that exist in me is quite hard to understand

It is always been my fear
To dance at the center of the crowd
Yet with you I feel it differently in here
For you taught me how to believe in myself and be proud

Within your arms is my world without fear
With you I know I`m  free from any harm
Being with you makes me always feel
The care that makes me warm

I follow my heart and soul
With  every steps that I make
Your sweetest smile  just makes me glow
From the magical love from you that I take

At the dance floor we create such wonderful memories
That only you & I could understand about the feeling that exist
It`s  truly as magical as it can be
True love  been express by you and me


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