“Make the weak heart strong” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Let us not forget that we are in God’s shaping hands
Molding our life preparing us in life of eternity
Each one of us must learn to accept and understand
That life on earth is borrowed from heaven & just

Have all the faith and hope 
To share the noblest things in the world
Share life, for it is just so short
Share the inspiration and make the weak
heart strong 

Think of sharing the blessings from your hands
Like butterflies that fly and mist them like sparkling sands
Share inspirational music which can be heard in heaven
Songs of hope which can be shared over and over again

Scattered the fragrance of fulfilled souls
Enriching the feeblest heart who is searching for hope
Lamp and illuminate those with darkest world
Share the inspiration and make the weak heart


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